We Need More Than ‘The Pretty Faces’ In Beauty Contests.

Beauty contests have been in existence for many years now. Miss World from 1951, Miss Universe 1952, Miss International 1960, and Miss Earth 2001 – present. This competition has not given people just more confidence but has helped people socialize with others who have the same interest as theirs. Other skills obtained include some leadership skills and ability to speak in public as well; a great skill to acquire in life. The purpose of beauty pageants is to serve as a platform for competitors to embark on a project dear to their heart, which will have a positive impact to the society.

Ghana joined the beauty wagon in 1957 with Miss Ghana, Miss Universe Ghana in 1991, Miss Malaika Ghana 2003, amongst other beauty competitions. One may say that beauty is essential in winning this competition; I can’t dispute that fact, though some are of the view that it’s not about just having a pretty face, but having a pretty mind of intelligence also counts; I call it internal and external beauty. These competitions have impacted into many lives worldwide. Well, I haven’t ever participated in a beauty contest, but won’t let that opportunity slip away should it present itself.

The main focus is on pageantry in Ghana. We’ve got ‘Miss this’ and ‘Miss that’ ,(no contravention) nice to have a title. I see this as an opportunity for young ladies to display their skills and also show their God given beauty as well. Most tertiary students grab this opportunity of becoming ‘queens’, great idea. I have tried following the competition for a while and I must commend the industry for such tremendous initiative and visions. I’m not concerned about any other thing apart from the non-commitment of some participants in fulfilling their promises after winning the competition. Well what prove do I have? Sorry but i don’t have any.

So we read an eye-catching headline like “Winner of …  embarks on an Educational Project” which circulates for a while and end of story. We don’t hear from them again. But the last time I checked, the main purpose for the contest was just a platform to help them embark on societal projects for the benefit of the country.

Some winners have been outstanding in embarking on their proposed projects after the competition, no doubt about that, but what about the others? What happens to their projects? What happens to the money given to them? What happens to the promise they made to their fans who supported them to the top? And what happens to those who really looked up to them as their role models for societal change? These are questions that need to be answered. As i have commended the beauty industry for giving the youth such an opportunity, i think they also play a role in ensuring that talents are not wasted.

Its not about embarking on just one project, but being empowered to solve a lot of societal issues in the country as well. We’ve got the Assemblymen, MP’s, Private Sectors and even individuals who are willing to support an initiative for a worthy cause. One opportunity that a recognized beauty contest gives to its participants is a ‘tag of participation’ and with that title, i doubt it would be difficult to embark on projects with all the supports.

Prevalent issues such as lack of portable water in some communities, teenage pregnancies, girl child education, and building of schools for some communities, among others are worthy projects that can cause a change in many lives.

Its better to leave a remarkable life and be remembered for your achievements. ‘Miss Beauty’, we need more than your ‘pretty face’ and crown.

Photo credit: quicknewsgh.com



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