On 26th January 2017, i was inspired by Dzigbordi K. Dosoo, the founder of Allure Africa Group which consists of Allure Spa in the City, Allure Sales and Distribution Company and Allure College.

She was the speaker at Dream Oval’s Monthly Thoughts Series (DOTTS)

The monthly forum focuses on inspiring and nurturing minds and seeks to bridge the knowledge gap through sharing of thought via conversation and participation. DOTTS invites a special guest each month from varying walks of life to speak on their work or life experiences as well as their field of expertise.

For the month of January Dzigbordi was brought in to equip participants with the right knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities to achieve the goals and visions in their life.

Aside being the C.E.O of Allure Africa Group, she is an inspirational Speaker and life coach.

Speaking on the topic, “Seizing Opportunities For A Productive Year” she explained five key steps one has to undergo for a productive year

  • Opportunity


Speaking on opportunity Dzigbordi revealed that opportunity is a chance to change one’s  circumstance for good. “Opportunity is everywhere so be ready to seize the moment by preparing yourself. Sometimes people get eluded because they have a mindset of picturing only big ideas as opportunities. Envision little opportunities as huge and trust me, it will definitely be such” she said

  • Self

On Self, she noted that Self is very important because opportunities sometimes comes from one’s own story. For instance, when you go through a distress or when you experience any problem, you realize that, there is an opportunity. Even when someone shares knowledge with you, there is an opportunity that you can leverage.

She further revealed that the idea of Allure Spa ws birthed due to a gory experience her mum went through at a tender age. “You can also look within youorself, identify a problem (opportunity) and make the best of it” she added.

  • Sight

Dzigbordi refers to this as ‘see to seize’.

“There are a lot of opportunities surrounding you. Look everywhere but don’t take everything you find. Go deep within yourself and identify which of the opportunities available will match up with your goals and aspirations and grab it” she said.


  • Spot

Just find your space and claim your place. Spot is relevant because it also contributes to the fact that when you grab the opportunity and work towards attaining it, there will be competitors. The only way to claim your space is to ask yourself what is missing and  take action as soon as you get your answers.

  • Sow

Everything requires sacrifice, unless it’s not of value to you. Sowing does not only entail monetary means but serving people no matter their status in life. Supporting people and standing by them always also means sowing. You might not know the relevance from the beginning but will eventually find out some day when in need.

Sometimes when you feel like giving up, remember your past and those who has helped you reach the top before making that decision. Obstacles are bound to occur but moving comfortable in your mud, your messy situation, will yield to a result.




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